Adress: Szentbékkálla Kossuth u. 13.

Opened on July  28, 2001 in the shed of the Borbély-house.


-        objects of childraising

-         equipments of land surveying

-         instruments of land cultivation

-         harvest, threshing, seedcleaning

-         viticulture

-         logging, woowork

-         processing of hemp, flax and wool

-         objects of housekeeping

-         livestock

-         storing of grain and flour, bakery

-         objects made by local blacksmiths.


I have collected and prepared for exhibiton the still available objects of the peasantry past.

The material contains the collection of local inhabitants exclusively.

The following are some (not all!) of the objects connected to each of the categories:

Childraising: cradle, tough-cradle, standlet, wickerwork babycart (all of them are at least 100 years old), playpen.

Yardsticks for surveying the land.

Equipments of land cultivation: harrow, plowcart, yokes, a cart with different chains, a chariot.

The classic instruments of the harvest are the scythe, wooden and iron pitchforks, rakes, water carrying utensils, a flail, a chaff-sieve, a seedcleaner, stc.

Objects of viticulture:  hoes of different forms and sizes, taps, a pail, dorsal, copper sprayer, kettle for boiling must, wine pump, etc.

Logging: saws, axes, hatchets, planes, drills

Swingle, hackle, spinning wheels

Housekeeping: oven, cupboard, torque, shelves, different utensils, sausagefillers, fatpots, mortars, knives, etc.

Objects of animal keeping: pit, chaffcutter, carrot-plane, pumpkin-plane, different instruments for grinding and cutting, potato-masher, corn-trough, bull-leader, calf-muzzle, cowbells, sheep shearing scissors, milking chairs, milkmugs, jars, wheelbarrow, etc.

Granaries, kneading tough, other insturments for baking bread, shovel, bags, balances, oven-door, chimney-door.

The objects made by the blacksmiths often belong to the above lists, e.g. cart hardware, hoopes, wells, gates, horseshoes, etc.


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