In Szentbékkálla the tradition of amateur theatre looks back to a past of hundred years.

From 1904 Karoly Racz, then from 1910 Ferenc Mohos teachers directed folkplays in the village with great success. Lasting the most for posterity beginning in 1930 turned out to be Viktor Marx, teacher and kantor, through his energetic and gifted personality. He possessed exceptional organizing abilities, putting on stage even operettas. It seems to be unbelievable, but in the 30-ies even a revolving stage was constructed in the Community Center. Although Viktor Marx left the village after 9 years, he returned here from time to time.

Later Ferenc Temesvári, followed by Imre Keresztúry continued the work of their well known predecessor for one and a half decades.

After a break of many years, with the leadership of Ottó Somogyi the Viktor Marx Drama Society was formed in September 2005. It is worth to mention that originally the players were planning to operate only for the single event of a brief comedy. Eventually the piece of author Ottó Somogyi turned out to be a seriously funny play by the title „My Sweet Kathie”, which became such a huge success, that after the premiere in Szentbékkálla in 2006 an invitation has arrived from the Kapolcs Valley of Arts. Later the ensemble performed at the Káli Days as well as at the Sümeg Festival of Regional Village Theaters. The society was very successful at all places.

In such a tiny village as Szentbékkálla, the Drama Society has a huge community forming power. The members are enthusiastic amateurs, who meet in their free time. They do not aim to acquire the laurels of professional actors, each of them simply gives what his/her own personality allows. They are proud that the author, the story and the figures of „My Sweet Kathie” are connected to the village.


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