From the Black Mountain, by the side of the ditch leading towards Szentbékkálla flows the water of the Bocskor Well. To the south the water filtering through the cracks of the dolomit rocks beneath the lakes emerges to the surface as an abounding spring. This is the spring or well of the Old Mountain.
The text of the plaquet on the well is the following:
„The watering place of the biggest and most significant vineyards of Szentbékkálla has always been cherished. The pure drinking-water of this abundant spring has been protected with a booth built of basalt rocks by the vineyard-owners of the winegrowers’ associations”. The old notice of the well – a warning against the pollution of the water, which promises fines for the lawbreakers - is an example for the responsibility of the association regarding the protection of life-saving water. Similar wells are to be found also in other vineyards of the National Park.






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